Over the years GrimLock built extensive know-how on operational communication solutions. With this know-how we support customers in their search for specific, niche market solutions. GrimLock will perform the international market survey of potential vendors for these products, as well as the initial testing, after which the selected product will be certified and imported for use in the clients country. GrimLock will also make sure that the customer get’s the required support for maintaining the products once they are in the field.

Grimlock supplies hybrid communication devices (radio’s) which combine Push to Talk over cellular (PoC) with Digital Mobile Radio (DMR). These radio’s are Android-based smartphone devices with a heavy duty form factor. In PoC the radio’s emulate PTT over the mobile carrier 4G network. In DMR the radio’s are used in Direct Mode Operation (DMO). DMR will be used as back-up if the public carrier network is not reliable in order to allow local (isolated) group communication. DMR DMO does not need any DMR radio coverage network (base stations, repeaters) and are a very afordable way to deliver proffesional (local) group communications.

GrimLock is also able to supply a hybrid PoC/DMR app with a very user friendly interface.

GSM-R is the standard radio communication system for railways. There are many applications that want to use the GSM-R radionetwork to exchange voice and data. These applications require GSM-R radio modules to set-up the required radio barrier for communication. GrimLock has the know-how and network to source and provide these GSM-R modules to customers.

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) is gradually replacing analoge radio systems because it is offering double the capacity in the same frequency band and offers very good audio quality. When used in Direct Mode Operation (DMO), so without DMR network coverage (TII or TIII), groups can have reliable communication up to 2km distance (depending on terain conditions).

GrimLock can offer a repeater/gateway solution to extend the coverage to about 5km. As part of the solution, GrimLock offers a pneumatic mast which can hoist the antenna up to 8m height. This mast can be installed in a service vehicle (Internal or external) and be made ready for service in less then 5 minutes. The repeater is equipped with a 4G gateway which allows for netwerk connectivity via the Mobile operator.

In recent years, railway systems have played a significant role in transportation systems due to the demand increase in conveying both cargo and passengers. Due to the harsh environments and severe loading conditions, caused by the traffic growth, heavier axles and vehicles, and increase in speed, railway tracks are at risk of degradation and failure. Condition monitoring has been widely used to support the health assessment of civil engineering structures and Infrastructure in general. In this context, it was adopted as a powerful tool for an objective assessment of the railway track behavior by enabling real-time data collection, inspection and detection of structural degradation.

GrimLock is pioneering a smart, train-carried, sensor solution, which will be completely wireless and will not need tools or mounting constructions (e.g. drilling a hole, mounting brackets, etc.) to be installed. These sensors will communicate with a train-carried Edge processing platform for data collection and sensor management. The Edge processing platform will be equipped with a GNSS solution delivering an position accuracy smaller then 30cm. In our view, every train is a measurement train, and so the solution should be effortless to install and to maintain and should be affordable to be installed on all trains.  This will result in permanent multiple measurements of each and every track location. With big data algorithms these measurement results will be analyzed to extract useful information about the track condition as well as all infrastructure in the surrounding of the track (e.g. tunnels, buildings, sign posts, point machines, etc.).