Grimlock is a Belgian based company that specializes in Corporate Consulting, Strategy, Marketing, Media Creation, Data Analytics and Drone Services. With roots in the telecom, sustainable energy and media sectors, we have a good scope on future developments. Grimlock is currently developing several products related to the telecom sector.


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Wim Lochs Role: Founder, CEO
  • Founder and CEO of Grimlock BV
  • Co-Owner RideOnTrack, Owner Grimlock
  • BSc. Electrical Engineering
  • 25 Years of experience in International Business Management at Siemens & Nokia
  • Background in product innovation in the telecom sector
  • Serial Entrepreneur and Executive
  • Responsible for Venture Capital portfolio
Daan Lochs Role: Business & Strategy Analyst
  • Co-Founder of Grimlock BV
  • BSc. Marketing
  • BSc. Strategic SME-Management
  • MBA-candidate 2021
  • Over 10 years of experience in business development
  • Experienced Strategy Analyst
  • Experienced Business & Data Analyst
  • Managing Partner of Venture Capital portfolio
Jeroen Lochs Role: Solar Energy Specialist
  • Experienced Solar Energy Specialist
  • Technical education in heating, refrigeration and electro-technics
  • More than 8 years of business development experience in solar energy
Bastiaan Lochs Role: Film Director, Creative, Producer
  • BSc. Journalism & Videography
  • Experience in production of Corporate Identity Films
  • Background in freelance documentary work for VRT (Flemish Radio/Television)
  • All-round Creative