Promotional Video

Grimlock specializes in promotional and corporate video's. Do you want to show the passion and expertise of your company? We will help you!

Video Portrait & Documentary

Are you and Artist, Performer, Politician? We will document your life, style and story. Grimlock also specializes in travel documentaries. 

Event Capturing

We make movies and promotional short-clips of all types of events. Music events, Art events, Political events, you name it.

Music & Band Video

Do you have an original idea but need help in getting it on the screen? Does your band want to record a movie? We can help you. Our crew even has an audio engineer at your disposal.


We have a professional Photographer (& Reporter) that has been covered numerous times in different magazines. (Including Knack.) Check out our portfolio for more details. 


Grimlock offers 360 degrees product photography. We have all the right equipment and software to combine the perfect image for your website. Email us for more information.